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Our primary focus is Property Management, as we believe in providing the best possible service. Unlike most other property management companies, we do not charge set-up fees or commissions.

Our comprehensive list of services complies with the Government approved code of management practice and is offered in accordance with the RICS (Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors) Service Charge Residential Management Code.

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Our core values underpin every aspect of our work:

  1. To provide exceptional levels of customer service – with an emphasis always on 'client focus'
  2. Value added service – working with you to manage one of your most valuable assets
  3. Efficient and effective team work - highly organised and proactive in our approach; coordinating activities from end to end.
  4. Local & independent – established market knowledge and an excellent network of approved trusted contractors
Your service charge funds are retained in a HSBC trustee interest-bearing client account together with a separate reserve account. All funds and financial transactions are reconciled daily and protected.
We will ensure that all re-occurring maintenance contracts are carried out to a specification that will have been agreed by you prior to any works commencing. This generally refers to the gardening or cleaning of the property.
We are able to organise and offer competitive insurance, with significant savings.
We continually monitor the service charge spend and negotiate contracts to suit the financial needs for your property. The service charge budget is drafted and put to you for approval before issuing formal demands. This also includes preparation of year-end-accounts and returns, which are verified annually by an external chartered accountant.
We understand the importance of communication and will therefore attend Resident Management Companies Annual General Meetings to discuss the on-going requirements of your property.
We will put together a strategic long term maintenance plan to assist with any major planned works. This will enable the correct levels of funding to be collected in advance, to ensure residents are not asked to pay out large sums of money in one go. This is of course providing your lease allows for the collection of sinking/reserve funds. Should you have preferred contractors already in place, we would be more than happy to work with them, as there is already an established relationship between both parties.
We can advise on all aspects, whether it is health and safety, fire risk assessments or asbestos surveys.
We will carry out regular inspections of the property and/or estate to ensure that any requests or repairs are noted and carried out. We will also ensure that previously instructed works have been carried out to a high standard of satisfaction. These visits are also a good opportunity to meet with residents to discuss any concerns or for residents to simply have peace of mind that their property is being looked after.

The following services are available for additional fees. These are either charged on an hourly rate or as a percentage of works value.

This is a dedicated additional service that operates out of normal office hours, should anything arise.
We have an excellent working relationship with a local surveyor, whose services we can enlist when required.
We would be happy to complete annual filing, resident memberships, calling meetings and ensuring the company is running and accordance with current company law.
Having experience in project management, our management team uses this to identify further modernisation or development needs and on agreement with the client has the ability to manage each project as required. Our approach is always to manage the clients expectations and financial limitations with the realities of the desired outcome of each project. The result, all existing developments under our management have appreciated in value in accordance with market or financial limitations.

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